HBCU College Fair Trip

Posted by Written by Destiny Vincent - President of the African American Culture Club on 11/27/2022

On November 14, 2022, some members of the African American Culture Club and other students boarded a bus heading to The Malcolm Bernard HBCU College Fair held at Rowan University. There, students were able to enter a giant room with multiple HBCU colleges and universities. Some of those colleges and universities are Spelman College, Tuskegee University, North Carolina A&T University, Alabama A&M University and so many more! A couple of members from the club expressed their pleasure in attending the fair. 

“My experience on the trip was new to me seeing as I’m a freshman. I enjoyed the tour and learning about college life, the restrictions and the opportunities they give to college students. I would recommend it to anyone in high school because you might find the future college that you want to go to.” - Isha Fofanah 26’


“My trip experience was nice. It was fun going around touring the college and speaking to others from different HBCUs. It got me excited and inspired to start planning for college. They helped me realize what I could possibly major in. I also liked the free food they gave us, it was nice.” - Jada Garret 25’


“I really enjoyed the trip. My mom is an HBCU Alumni (Hampton University) so it was cool to see the kinds of schools that she fell in love with while on her college search, and it helped me create a good list of what I should look for in colleges. I also got the chance to talk to others in my major of interest, which was also cool! I would recommend this experience day for any student who is looking to learn more about culture, is planning on attending an HBCU, or seniors who are getting ready to start exploring!” - Rachel Lawrence 24’


“I had a great time at the HBCU trip. I think there were many great schools that provided me with tons of information and insight. Many of them had great opportunities and circumstances that would be beneficial to the students who were interested. I would recommend this to someone because I believe it is important to keep your options open when looking for colleges. And having representatives from the schools allows students to get some sort of understanding of the experience.” - Elvanie Tamwo 24’


After attending the fair the students went to a seminar hosted by employees from Deloitte and other places. The speakers were able to talk a little about their backgrounds and what they like to do in their free time. One speaker, Thalia Smith, a partner at Deloitte, talked about her journey from coming from a low-income family to where she is now making 6 to 7 figures. In the seminar, students learned about accounting and what business careers could fit them. Students were also told to think about how they wanted to be in 10 years. Throughout the presentation, the speakers were very active with the students asking them questions and laughing all together. After the amazing seminar, the students took a little break and headed to a designated spot where they would meet their two tour guides for a tour around Rowan University.

During the Rowan University tour, students were able to experience what it was like being a student at Rowan. Students visited studying areas in the school, “the food court”, and even got into a real dorm room! After the tour from the amazing tour guides who were able to answer just about every question and give more information, the students got to have free lunch. Students were able to choose from ranging foods like chicken strips and fries, Spanish rice, desserts, and so much more!

After the delicious lunch, the students hopped back on the bus and returned to Lenape laughing and enjoying each other's company.

Thank you to The Malcolm Bernard HBCU College Fair for having the African American Culture Club at the fair and to Rowan University for a great tour and its tour guides. This trip was a great way for students to learn about more HBCUs they may have never heard of and even get a feeling of what it's like to go on a college tour. Many members have expressed their excitement for the next trip and AACC has so many more exciting events coming up. LET’S GO AACC!!!!!