Continuing Education for Athletic Trainers Per the Board of Certification:

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Continuing education requirements are intended to promote continued competence, development of current knowledge and skills and enhancement of professional skills and judgement. These activities must focus on increasing knowledge, skills and abilities related to the practice of athletic training.

As information continually changes, it is important for professionals to learn the latest about athletic training. Continuing education requirements are meant to ensure ATs continue to:

  • Stay on the cutting edge in the field of athletic training.
  • Obtain current professional development information.
  • Explore new knowledge in specific content areas.
  • Master new athletic training-related skills and techniques.
  • Expand approaches to effective athletic training.
  • Further develop professional judgment.
  • Conduct professional practice in an ethical and appropriate manner.

NATA provides athletic trainers with a range of continuing education opportunities through workshops, webinars, home study courses and the Clinical Symposia & AT Expo.