Physical Education

Lenape Regional High School District Application to Physical Education Program

Criteria for acceptance of Lenape Regional High School District Credit for Physical Education under Option 2 (Grades 11 and 12):


High School credit will be awarded under the following conditions:

1. The student and parent will make a request to the Health/PE Supervisor by June 1st .

2. The student must have a minimum G.P.A of 2.5 or above.

3. The student must have received a final grade in 9th and 10th grade physical education of a “B” or above.

4. The student must meet the NJSIAA academic eligibility requirements.

5. The activity/sport must meet or exceed the New Jersey Core Curricular Content Standards (NJ CCCS).

6. The activity/sport must meet or exceed the LRHSD Physical Education curricular objectives.

· The learner will perform, analyze and apply movement skills that foster safe participation in physical activities throughout life.

· The learner will analyze and apply the concepts of effective movement, including principles of biomechanics and elements of rhythm used in physical activity.

· The learner will perform, know, understand and apply health related fitness movements and concepts.

· The student will analyze rules and regulations, and apply strategies and standards of play while participating in physical education activities.

· The learner will know, understand and analyze self-awareness, creative thinking, confidence, self-discipline, ability to collaborate with others, and risk-taking skills through participation in a wide range of physical activities.

7. The athlete must:
· Be a nationally ranked individual.
NOTE: Participation/contribution on a nationally ranked team does not solely qualify an athlete.  The students-athlete must hold at least one national ranking themselves.
8. The sport/activity must:

· Be individualized with an intensive training program that prepares the student for competition in a sport at a high level (national or professional)

· In general, these programs should be recognized by the National Federation of State High School Associations

· Occur outside of the regularly scheduled LRHSD curricular and extra-curricular programs (participation in extra-curricular sports/programs offered by the LRHSD are not eligible for credit)

9. Participation in the designated sport/activity must:

· Occur during the current school calendar year

· Be a minimum of 5 consecutive months in duration

· Include a minimum of 3 regularly scheduled practices/competitions per week

· Meet or exceed the LRHSD minimum of 165 minutes per week

· Include organized competition(s)and/or performances

· Be supervised by a nationally accredited/certified coach

10. Students who complete all the requirements of the Physical Education Option Two program will receive a grade of PASS.
· The application is good for only one physical education course for the specified school year it was accepted.
· The student will be placed in a semesterized study hall (during the student's scheduled PE class which meets only four days per week.
· No student may have more than two(2) study halls per semester.
· Option Two applies to Physical Education only.  Students cannot "Option Two" form Health Education.
11. Students who are unable to complete the requirements of the Physical Education Option Two program for any reason must immediately notify their guidance counselor so that they may be scheduled for a physical education class. Physical Education is a state mandated course required for graduation. Failure to successfully meet this requirement will affect your ability to receive a high school diploma and participate in graduation exercises.

12. The safety, cost and transportation, to and from, any Option Two program and any and all costs for programs, fees, books, supplies, support, tutoring, etc. are the responsibility of the student's parent/guardian. By completing the Option Two request the parent/guardian(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Lenape Regional High School District, its agents or employees from any and all claims of any type, action, complaint, judgment, costs or personal injury, arising out of, or related to, the student's participation in the Option Two program.