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Consistency is gained from the repetition of similar elements such as navigation sections that remain in the same location as you go from one page another. This helps the visitor feel comfortable that each page will respond with similar functionality and maintains equilibrium throughout the online experience.

 What if every time you approached a roadway intersection the rules changed with every traffic light? On one intersection you might find that the lighted purple square means go, at another intersection in the next town, the rectangular blue light means go, and in yet another, a round flashing pink light means go!

While the traffic light analogy is extreme, try to remember any websites you have visited recently that lack that same level of continuity and balance. When very few elements get repeated, the flow and rhythm becomes more like a faltering heart beat on life support. Repeating consistent elements including navigation, footers, typography, graphics, and overall styles within a website gives the visitor a road map, and a way to navigate confidently around your websites. Visitors who are comfortable with the repeated design elements will most likely stay the course and revisit your site time and again.