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What Community Service is at Sequoia and Why We Do It

What is 'Community Service' at Sequoia?

As this school year continues, your child may participate in some of our Community Service or Service Learning Field trips.  

Each month you will see in our newsletter and on our website brief descriptions and photos of the service trips that were taken.  If your child mentions being involved with a particular trip, please make it a point to talk to them about their experience.  This will help connect you with your child, their school and most importantly how your child is helping the community.  This can help create a sense of pride.  Something that is important for you to share with your child!

We have found that certain activities such as Community Service Field trips often promote rapid positive growth in our students.  Community Service Field trips develop empathy and respect for others as well as problem solving and leadership skills.  In addition, these field trips allow students to begin to understand the benefits of living a purpose-driven life.  Community Service activities such as caring for animals, assisting children with disabilities and entertaining senior citizens heighten the students’ awareness of the value of helping others.  These unique helping opportunities are a wonderful way to encourage disenfranchised students to change their attitudes because now someone is dependent on them.   This makes the student realize that they are needed, important and part of something bigger.  All of these special activities help develop personal character, leadership and empathy, qualities that benefit the individual student and the community as a whole.