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Sequoia & TAP’s 2024 Educator of the Year

The prestigious Educator of the Year Award from Sequoia & TAP is bestowed upon Ms. Maloney this year.   

Congratulations Ms. Maloney!!!


As an exceptional educator, she embodies the dedication and passion required to make a lasting and meaningful impact on numerous lives.  Her unwavering commitment to excellence and innovative approach to education serve as an inspiration to us all.  Ms. Maloney is a true asset to our community and a shining example of an outstanding educator.

Ms. Maloney's passion and hard work, both within and outside the classroom, do not go unnoticed.  Her unwavering dedication to our students and program is truly inspiring, and the positive impact she has on our students' lives is immeasurable.  Her commitment to best practices and exceptional work ethic make her a model of excellence, making her more than deserving of the title of Sequoia and TAP’s Educator of the Year.

Ms. Maloney's positive influence extends beyond the classroom and the scheduled school day, evident in her commitment to our program and organizations, such as Special Olympics, Unified Basketball, Pride Paws, and more.

On behalf of the entire Sequoia and TAP Family, it is a tremendous honor to name Ms. Maloney Sequoia and TAP’s 2024 Educator of the Year.  Congratulations, Ms. Maloney! 



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