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Seneca Art Students Honored with Awards of Excellence at Burlington County Teen Arts Festival

Seneca Art students showcased their talents on Thursday, March 14th at the annual Burlington County Teen Arts Festival held at RCBC. Six Seneca students were honored with awards of excellence for their artwork: Emma Boeninghaus (Advanced Placement student), Bridget Tyksinski (Advanced Placement student), Natalie Vega (Advanced Placement student), Haley Anderson (Art Major student), Daniele Bisconte (Art Major student), Kenny Stout (Creative Arts Media student).


Students had the opportunity to be critiqued by one of the judges, James Kent.


Student winners (name, grade, class, title of work):

  1. Kenny Stout, sophomore, CAM, crocodile
  2. Emma Boeninghaus- senior, AP- Paper Prison
  3. Daniele Bisconte- junior, Art Major- Kaja
  4. Natalie Vega- senior, AP, Mixed Emotions
  5. Haley Anderson- junior, Art Major, Time to Draw
  6. Bridget Tyksinski, senior, AP, Mid Atlantic


The students were grateful to see their efforts rewarded. “When I found out I won, I was thrilled to know that all my hard work was worth it. All of the hours and sacrifices put into the piece made the win just so much better!” Exclaimed senior Emma Boeninghaus.


Her classmate, Bridget Tyksinski, agreed. “It was so exciting to win because I've put over 150 hours of work into that project; I'm so happy to see that all that hard work payed off!” Explained Tyksinski. She continued, “It means the world to because this is my last big out of school art show and it was almost like ending my high school career on a high note as we head toward the final marking period of my senior year. I'm super proud of myself for not giving up and working super hard because that is what got me to where I am today.”