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Seneca High School to Host Mid-Atlantic Robotics Tournament March 23rd and 24th

On March 23rd and 24th, Seneca High School will host the annual Mid-Atlantic Robotics tournament. This is Seneca’s eighth year hosting the event. Thirty eight to forty robotics teams will be competing. Each team was given six weeks to build a robot that reflects this year’s theme: Deep Space. The event is open to the public both Saturday and Sunday.  

 The Iron Devils are a team composed of Seneca and Shawnee students.

 Iron Devils advisor and Seneca teacher Jennifer Enos broke down the event. “Saturday consists of on average 74 qualifying matches that rank the teams based on their performance. Sunday morning is also the same. Sunday afternoon though is when playoffs start!” She explained excitedly. “The top eight teams then choose alliances of two other teams to compete in elimination rounds,” she continued. “The event concludes with an awards ceremony that recognizes teams for many different things such as spirit, gracious professionalism, engineering excellence, etc. The entire weekend runs on a combination of volunteers through FIRST Mid-Atlantic and of course the Seneca Family! We couldn't run this event without their support!” She added.

 Enos’s excitement makes sense; the team is coming off of a massive win: the Chairman's Award.

 “The Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award that you can win through FIRST,” noted Enos. “The award itself recognizes teams that reflect the values of FIRST and impact their surrounding community and beyond. Since winning the award back in 2016, our students have been working extremely hard to further our outreach,” Enos continued. This partnership included several demonstrations by the Iron Devils.

“Winning the Chairman’s Award is an incredible honor,” added Seneca senior and Iron Devil Robert Sunbury. “This means more than just building the best robot. It means we’re the best team.”

 The Iron Devils are hopeful that the competition will continue as they look to make it even further this year.