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Seneca Students to Showcase Talents at Burlington County Teen Arts Festival

Seneca students will be showcasing their talents on Thursday, March 14th at the annual Burlington County Teen Arts Festival held at RCBC.

“I am taking the ten Photography 3 students to the Burlington County Teen Arts Festival. They will have 2 photos each on display,” explained Seneca teacher Chuck DiVincenzo. “But we aren’t the only Seneca students attending.”

There will also be 26 Seneca Jazz Band and Orchestra students attending and performing, in addition to 18 Seneca Art students who will each have at least one piece of art on display.

The festival gives Burlington County youth between the ages of 13 and 19 the chance to show off their talents through performing arts, visual arts, film and literary arts. In the past, genre-specific workshops were also offered to the students each day.