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Students Walk the Runway for a Good Cause in DECA Fashion Show

Seneca students took to the runway on Thursday, February 7th to showcase fashions for the upcoming Junior Dinner Dance while raising money for a New Jersey Charity that helps to support hospitalized teens. The event was organized and run by Seneca’s DECA members. DECA is an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management.


Seneca teacher and DECA advisor Grace McCloskey was thrilled with her students’ efforts. “Not only did the Sales and Marketing students raised $802.00 for the Alicia Rose Victorious Organization, but they also learned about the importance of charitable organizations, how they function, how the licensing and gaming commission of NJ works and the process of event planning,” she raved.


Those who participated in the event were just as excited. “The fashion show was so much fun!” Exclaimed junior Johnny Kennevan. “It was a great experience for those of us who modeled, and the DECA students who organized and ran the show did an incredible job behind the scenes.”


The proceeds from the event support DECA’s state charity, the Alicia Rose Victorious Foundation (ARVF), which was nominated by Seneca's DECA chapter and selected by the state organization. According to the ARVF website, the organization, "provides strength and support by creating one-of-a kind programs that include Alicia's Art Cart, Teen Lounges, Teen Kits, Proms, social events and activities exclusively so hospitalized teens can maintain a sense of normalcy and connection with their family, friends, and lifestyle." Additional information about the organization can be found at


Seneca’s DECA organization didn’t only dazzle on the runway. On January 8th Seneca’s DECA students competed regionally, with multiple Seneca students qualifying or placing in their events:


  • Scott Warner qualified for the state competition in Business Finance. He also placed second overall on the written test.
  • Hannah Kent and Hannah Russo competed in Buying & Merchandising, placing first overall in their role play and first overall in the competition.
  • Jacob Bruno and John Kennevan competed in Financial Services, earning third place overall in their role play. Jacob Bruno also took third place overall in the written test.
  • Grace Rollins competed in Hospitality Services won third place in the written test.
  • Camryn Lubner in Human Resources won third place in her role play.
  • Corinne Kent and Katie Olson in Marketing Management won first place in their role play and first place overall. Corinne also won second place in her written event.
  • Jonah Mikulski in Quick Serve restaurant won second place in the written event.
  • Jack Welling in Quick Serve restaurant won third place in his role play.
  • Brett Thomas in Sports & Entertainment Marketing won third place on the written test. He and Aidan Lawyer also won second place overall in their event.
  • Adam Arnold competed in Travel & Tourism, winning first place in the written event.​
  • Brent Pennwell qualified for the state completion in Principles of Finance.


These Seneca student entrepreneurs are now preparing for the state competition and looking for sponsors to support their efforts. Those interested in sponsoring can donate to the Seneca High School DECA chapter. Donations are registered with the district and placed in the district newsletter. These funds enable students to attend the International Conference held in Orlando and participate in leadership academies.