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Seneca Students Thrive in First Burlington County Consumer Bowl

In their first competition, Seneca High School students won third place in the Burlington County Consumer Bowl, which was held on Monday, February 4th. Jake Bruno, Johnathan Kennevan, Ethan Auty, Corrine Kent, and Katie Olson all competed.

The New Jersey High School Consumer Bowl is “an educational competition for high school students across the state,” as noted on their website. “It was established in 1997 to educate young adults on a variety of consumer issues.”

Seneca sophomore Corinne Kent loved the competition. “It was very fast and competitive, but in a fun environment. We’re looking forward to placing again next year!” She noted.

The students were thrilled with their performance. Junior Johnny Kennevan explained their excitement. “Placing third in the second round of competition was awesome! We had tremendous competitions against some of the top schools in Burlington County. It was fun!”

Kent and the advisor, Seneca teacher Renee Collins, are on the same page as they look to the future. “This was the first year for these kids to compete and they were a young team,” Collins explained.  “All of them agreed to come back next year to compete again because they enjoyed it so much.  I can't wait to see what they will accomplish next year!” She added.