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Class of 2020 Senior Portrait Make-Up Sessions

Class of 2020

 Senior Portrait Make-Up Sessions  

Celebrate your senior year with a Prestige portrait session.  Decide which achievements you want to celebrate.  Choose the session that gives you all the poses/backgrounds you want.


If you did not have your Senior Portraits taken during the 2018-19 school year OR would like to schedule a session for retakes, please see the important information below.

Class of 2020 Senior Make-Up Portrait Informational Flyer


If you would like to schedule a senior portrait session OR re-take session, please contact Prestige Portraits at 1-800-687-9327, Monday - Thursday (8:30AM - 4:30PM)


Visit Prestige Portrait Scheduling ( and use School Code 53





August 26th - 28th

Back of North Cafeteria

9:00AM - 2:00PM



September 11th - 13th

Recital Hall

During the School Day


Information regarding your sitting:
Men:     Yearbook poses will be taken in both the tuxedo & in your own casual attire.  Please bring your own dress shirt & tie for cap & gown poses.  Have your hair neatly trimmed.  We cannot remove 5 o’clock shadow.

Women: Yearbook poses will be taken in both the drape & in your own casual attire.  Please bring your own tank top to wear under the drape poses.  Poses may include your hands consider appropriate jewelry.

School sitting fee of $3.00 plus session fee is due at the time of the sitting.(cash/check/money order made payable to Lifetouch, credit, debit not accepted)

The studio will supply the tuxedos, drapes, caps & gowns.


  • Style your hair before your session.
  • Do your makeup at home.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure before your session.
  • Full-length pose – Bring the things that highlight your achievements: sports gear, musical instruments, artwork, trophies, etc.
  • Outfit changes – Bring clothes that you feel comfortable in, whether they are dressy or casual.
  • Solid colors photograph best.

Email for Cherokee Yearbook Advisor:

Dear Parents of Juniors,

This spring marks a great event in your child’s journey towards graduation – senior portraits!  At this time the yearbook staff would like to make you aware of some policies regarding senior portraits.

You should know our official yearbook photographer is Prestige Portraits by Lifetouch National Studios.  You will soon receive an information packet in the mail at home from Prestige. Please keep an eye out for this important information. To guarantee that your senior’s portrait appears in the yearbook, we ask that all students be photographed at school by Prestige this school year.   

Because of our special relationship with Prestige, they have agreed to set up a complete portable portrait studio here at school beginning April 1st.  A sitting fee of $3.00 will be collected at that time. No other photographers can offer a sitting at school or guarantee placement of the picture in our yearbook. Prestige does offer several packages with different poses and outfit changes for an additional session fee.  See the package sent home for more details.

It is strongly recommended you have senior portraits taken now, at school, to avoid confusion and inconvenience for you next fall. If you use a photographer other than Prestige, it is up to you to get the portrait with the proper background color, lighting and clothing to the yearbook staff by the deadline. Senior portraits are due by the end of October. Prestige gets the portraits to the school for you, even if you do have a re-take. Prestige does return to Cherokee for retakes over the summer and in the fall.

If you want to have another photographer take your senior’s portrait you must contact Mrs. Billetdoux in the yearbook office. You may choose another photographer but Cherokee does set the criteria for inclusion in the portrait section of the yearbook. If our specifications are not met, the picture will not be placed in the yearbook.  These specifications do change from year to year.

Feel free to call Prestige directly at 1-800-687-9327 (M-F 8:30-4:30) or visit Prestige Portraits at with your code to change your scheduled session.  Please note that all juniors are scheduled to have a portrait taken in school.  Prestige makes these appointments, not the school.  Check your mail at home for your student’s appointment time. If your child cannot make your appointment please contact Prestige to reschedule so you don’t have to wait until August for another appointment.

Thank you in advance for helping make your senior’s yearbook a success! Mrs. Billetdoux can be reached most easily via email at with questions or concerns. We all want this final year to be the best one ever.