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2021 Teacher of the Year and Educational Services Professional of the Year

 2021 Teacher of the Year  - Shannon McKenna



Cherokee High School honors and congratulates Shannon McKenna, Special Education Teacher, as Cherokee’s 2021 Teacher of the Year.  

Shannon's friendly and positive attitude is contagious and it is obvious her students feel welcome and cared for.  The primary reason students enroll in Retail Careers and Pre-vocational classes is for the opportunity to work with Mrs. McKenna.

Shannon is patient, resourceful and engaging, while always maintaining her relaxed sense of humor.  Shannon has been active in introducing DECA to our special education students.  She works individually with each student to discover their particular niche, then prepares them for success at DECA’s local, state and national competitions. Shannon has been inspiring students to learn and grow for many years and we are excited to award her this deserving honor.




   2021 Educational Services Professional of the Year - Suzanne Connolly



Suzanne Connolly is respectful, non-judgmental, empathetic and a leader in the Cherokee Counseling department.  It takes a combination of many traits to be a successful school counselor and Suzanne Connolly has all of them.  As well as being well-versed in the most current counseling theories, she has an upbeat personality and positive energy that quickly fills a room.  

In addition to her endless counseling duties, Suzanne voluntarily manages the Cherokee Food Pantry, providing an indispensable resource for our Cherokee families in need. She garners donations, organizes supplies and provides for every family requesting assistance.  Suzanne is truly deserving of this award.