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NJ Department of Education Working Papers

Department of NJ Working Papers

Any student under 18 years of age must have working papers in order to obtain employment in accordance with the labor laws as prescribed by the State of New Jersey.

Cherokee office hours during the summer:  7:30AM - 3:45PM, Monday through Thursday

Forms may be obtained in Cherokee's Main Office located in the north building or select the link below to download and print:

Working Papers


Instructions to complete Working Papers:

SECTION A -- Minor’s Personal Information:  Fill out completely.  Parent/Guardian must sign.

SECTION B -- Employment Information:  Have your employer fill out this section completely.  Your employer must sign.

SECTION C -- Physician’s Certification:  During the school year, if you have a current physical (within the last 365 days) on file with the school, this section can be completed by a Cherokee Nurse.  During the summer, you will need to have your physician complete Section C.  

SECTION D -- Proof of Age:  If you are a current Cherokee student, you do not need to provide us with a birth certificate or other age-related items.

SECTION E -- School Record:  Completed by a Cherokee staff member if you attend Cherokee, otherwise completed by your school.

SECTION F -- Issuing Officer Certification:  Completed by a Cherokee staff member.  Make sure you sign and date where it states "signature of minor."

Once forms are completed by the minor, employer, parent/guardian, and physician, please bring the application to the main office for processing.  


Thank you and good luck!