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Safety, Traffic, Response, Enforcement, Education, and Training

Share the Road

The Medford Township Police Department would like to remind everyone to “Share the Road”. Bicycles and pedestrians are on, and around, our roadways in increasing numbers with the warm weather and impending opening of schools. We would like drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians alike to be mindful of their surroundings and respect the rules of the road, and be courteous to each other, so we all can be safe. Education and enforcement actions will be taken around our schools by the Medford Township Police through our “S.T.R.E.E.T.” (Safety, Traffic, Response, Enforcement, Education, and Training) Initiative. The initiative is designed to provide a safer environment for our children in the areas adjacent to our schools, and some of the program highlights and goals include:


  • Increased presence of marked patrol units in the areas adjacent to our schools
  • Increased education and enforcement of motor vehicle laws in targeted areas adjacent to our schools, i.e.: parking, pedestrian safety, seat belt enforcement, school zone speed enforcement.
  • Decrease the number of motor vehicle crashes in the areas immediately adjacent to our schools.
  • Utilize Video Message Boards and social media outlets to focus the community’s awareness to the importance of a safe school environment.

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