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March Students of the Month

Lenape's March Students of the Month

Cassidy Scherz

 Cassidy Scherz- 9th grade

Cassidy is a hard working student who is always prepared and diligently completes her work and class assignments.  She is the type of student that while maintaining an A average, she will also graciously help other students without being asked to do so.  Cassidy is respectful and polite and is very eager to learn.



AJ Celona

 AJ Celona- 10th grade

A.J. has truly embraced his role as a student-athlete here at Lenape.  A.J. takes ownership of his class by leading with great pride and dignity.  He is personable, and friendly and always exhibits positive interactions with his peers and teachers.  A.J. demonstrates leadership, integrity and honesty in and out of the classroom.  He also helps daily with getting the class organized.  A.J. is a pleasure to have in class as he is a great role model for our school and community.


Nia Lassiter

 Nia Lassiter - 11th grade

Nia may be one of the most generous people in the Lenape community.  She has a heart of gold.  As a new student to Lenape, Nia immediately made friendships with her warm smile and kind demeanor.  She works hard in the classroom and consistently aspires to do well.  Nia is a kind and wonderful person and her connections and relationships with people have helped to create memorable classroom experiences for students and teachers alike.


Marykate Reich

Marykate Reick - 12 th grade


Marykate is an amazing student who not only works hard, but also cares about her classmates and assists them when they have questions or difficulty.  She volunteers her time to assist in class, and always says “thank you” and “have a nice day” to her teacher as she leaves the classroom.  She shows her appreciation for the teaching of the lesson in this small but significant way, and this small act of kindness is one of the many things that Marykate does to make a person’s day.  Furthermore, Marykate is polite, respectful helpful and kind, as well as a true pleasure to have in class.