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Business Honors Society Inducts New Members

Business students  

 business teachers    Business Honor Society  Photos provided by Mrs. Megan Cashman

LHS Business Teachers                                                                                             

 Congratulations to the 2019 inaugural class of the Lenape Business Honor Society! The purpose of the Lenape Business Honor Society is to recognize high achieving students in the area of Business Education.  Each member who was inducted has taken at least three Business Education courses and received an “A” in all three courses. 

Each new inductee received a certificate of achievement and an honor cord to be worn at graduation. Joining the Lenape Business Honor Society is a time to commit to the ideals for which the honor society stands. The oath of the LBHS is: “I believe in the purposes of the Lenape Business Honor Society, its commitment to excellence, and the moral values in which it encompasses.  As a member of the Society, I pledge to uphold high standards both personally and academically.  I will conduct myself in a manner true to the integrity, leadership, and character expected of the Society.  Through my service in the Society, I will strive to grow as a student, member, and individual.  By these pledges, I accept the honor, duties, and responsibilities of membership in the Lenape Business Honor Society.” 

It is with great pleasure to introduce the inaugural class of the Lenape Business Honor Society. 

New LBHS Members 


Grace Adams

Quin Anderson

Kara Dillenbeck

Katelyn Jones

Robert White

Anthony Zanghi


Xianna Aguilar

Jack Blumberg

Shomiron Dhar

Jacob Gandler

Rawdat Hussain

Ayana Jones

Connor Kennedy

Alex Landis

Savana LaRocca

Alexander Lee

Kevin Luk

Jovan Mann

Zahan Meyer

Jack Niemela

Ami Patel

Brian Schurr

Kevin Schurr

Calista Shen

Johann Thomas

Jevon Torres

Jason Zheng


Alexa Adelmann

Emily Breuninger

Jessica Cernava

Zackary Conti

Annabelle Estep

Shannon Freedman

Brandon Hsiao

Cade Hunter

Alexander Matthews

Emma McPherson

Jason Mizia

Trevor Montgomery

Stephen Mulville

Julia Niedzwiecki

Daniel Pruitt

Matthew Soutar

Michael Terzano

Jillian Villanova

Sude Yalcin

Jerry Zhen 


For more information visit: Lenape HS Business Honor Society