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Wii Tournament a Success

 students in bleachers Photo taken by Gabrielle Turgeon.   Congratulations to students from Lenape, Cherokee, Shawnee, and Seneca who participated in our annual Wii Tournament and Pen Pal Luncheon.  After practicing Wii skills at their home schools, the students spent the entire school day in a friendly competition that included Wii bowling, archery, tennis, and soccer. The excitiement began with presentation of banners, their home school cheer, and meeting their pen pal friends.

The day also included time for students to interact with their sister-school friends and enjoy lunch, which was organizied by Mrs. Kathy Waldron.  Generous donations from the Medford Shop Rite and Deitz and Watson provided the lunch ingredients for over 200 hungry people! Lenape students provided the hard work to transform the ingredients into juicy hot dogs, and delicious macaroni and cheese.    Mrs. Allison Murphy and Mrs. Lis Lamon organized the cheer and preparations for hosting such a large group.

After lunch, the students talked and danced while waiting for the competition results to be tallied.  Individual certificates were awarded by Lenape PE teacher Miss Jess Kotelnicki, who organized the games.  Mr. Sean McAneny's math classes set up the Google sheets for accurate scoring.