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Slushii Helps Students Celebrate 100 Days of School

Slushi at concert       Slushi in concert    Slushi with students in concert

Photos taken by Charlotte Seng 

Lenape 2015 grad, Julian Scanlan who is known as Slushii, helped students celebrate 100 days of school with a Community Lunch and Learn live concert!   Born in Mt. Laurel, and now based in Los Angeles, Slushii is a popular entertainer, DJ, musician, songwriter, and record producer. Besides entertaining the crowd of dancing and singing students, he interjected a message of confidence, determination, and acceptance into the lunch time concert.  Slushii’s  powerful message came straight from his heart.  "I graduated from Lenape three years ago, and I have learned that you can do whatever you want.  It doesn't matter what you want or who you are or where you come from.  Believe in yourself.   I love you.”  Students responded to Slushii with applause and cheers!