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Debate Team Visits Brightview Residents

Debate team and advisor  Photos provided by Ms. Jaime Fauver  

Lenape Debate Team visited Brightview Assisted Living in Marlton to put on a debate for the residents.  The students debated the following resolution: “The United States federal government should substantially reduce restrictions on legal immigration to the United States.  Glenn Hubbard and Ana Carney argued for an increase in the diversity visas as the affirmative team while Carmen Nieto-Walle and Patrick Jacobs  argued against this plan as the negative team.  After performing the debate for the residents, there was a lively Q&A.  Brightview residents and the debate team students had an engaging discussion about immigration and the social and cultural impact of immigration throughout history and today.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know and interact with the community at Brightview.

Debate team members varsity members of debate team

CONGRATS to the Lenape Debate Team!!! They finished the season in 2nd place in their division and will compete in the championships next week!! Thanks to entire team for your efforts this season and  congrats to varsity members Glenn Hubbard, Ana Carney, Ricky Topiwala, and Victoria Campbell.