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October Students of the Month

Congratulations to Lenape's October Students of the Month

NAME:  Sahitya Das


sahitya das

Having Sahitya in Summer Enrichment for Writing this past summer was a pleasure. Sahitya is one of the kindest and most polite students.  He is never afraid to ask questions and ask for help.  He always follows up with a "thank you" and he has a yearning for knowledge.  He goes out of his way at Lenape to greet people in the hallway, with a smile and a hello. He is very excited to be attending Lenape and he is a ray of positivity.

NAME:  Ryan Toner

GRADE: 10  

Ryan Toner

Ryan has the highest degree of motivation  in JROTC.  Ryan can be relied upon for anything.  This past summer he devoted numerous hours to the betterment of Lenape HS and its JROTC program.  An extremely hard worker, he labored tirelessly to make our supply room and classroom ready for the school year.  He would volunteer on a moment's notice, biking several miles to come to school and help out.  He has inspired younger cadets and models on a consistent basis about what right looks like. 

NAME:  Bria Morgan

GRADE: 11 

Bria Morgan

Bria Morgan co-founded one of Lenape's newest and fastest growing clubs, Letters for Rose, last school year with her peer Lana Minato. As just a sophomore, she built the club from the ground up. She led each meeting with confidence and she truly served by example. She is always smiling, committed to learning, and helpful to her peers.

NAME:  Alyssa Weber


Alyssa weber

Alyssa Weber has grown and developed exceptional leadership skills as she entered her senior year of high school! Starting off the summer as a senior captain of the field hockey team, she has taken this opportunity to lead her team as a role model. On the field, she exemplifies Lenape Pride in her excitement and passion for the game. Off the field, she has jumped into volunteering her study hall time to assist with the adaptive physical education program, interacting and participating with the students to enhance their learning experience.