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February Students of the Month

 February Students of the Month


Freshman - 

Crystal is a very responsible, hardworking and conscientious student.  She is a leader in the classroom and is always willing to help out whenever needed.  She volunteers to help out with class projects, passes out assignments and is always willing to partner with a student who is struggling or may not have a partner.  She is a reliable person and a positive role model for others to follow.



Sophmore -

Aiko accomplishes more than most students.  Where some students say “I can’t”, Aiko approaches every task with a can do attitude.  Despite challenges, Aiko is great to have in class, volunteering to go to the board, presenting in front of the class and fervently participating in class discussions.  Due to her infectious positivity, Aiko inspires people around her to do better.



Junior -

Melissa is an exceptional student, going beyond just doing her work in class by also bringing her positive attitude and energy.  Melissa always comes in to class ready to help and contribute.  She is always the first one with her hand up to answer a question and tries to help other students anytime she sees the need.  She even spends time outside of class and during lunch and learn helping her teacher prepare for other classes.  Melissa is an exceptional person and is a great recipient of student of the month recognition. 




Ben is an enthusiastic, talented student who is always helping other students.  As a student musician, Ben has worked with other music students helping them in rehearsal, and with arranging and composing music for performances.  Ben has worked hard to improve himself, and his efforts have helped him be recognized and accepted into the Sough Jersey Symphonic Band and also the Olympic Conference Honors Band.  His positive attitude is infectious, and is easily noticed by others.  Ben’s positivity carries over to the other students and helps improve musical performances.  Ben is a huge asset to Lenape and is outstanding representative as Student of the Month.