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Classroom Rules and Procedures


English III Procedures and Expectations

Mr. Nahill’s Class


Welcome to Mr. Nahill’s 11th grade class at Seneca High School.  This is a very important year for many of you.  It is the year that colleges look at most in terms of grades and it is the point in your life where you will be asked to take two of the most influential standardized tests.  Junior year is a challenging year on many levels and the requirements for this class are no less demanding. There will be a strong focus on writing throughout the year with many assignments dedicated to understanding and using rhetoric effectively. Students will also be taught to analyze works from different critical perspectives and to apply those critical theories to everything from classical literature to the personal narratives of today’s more modern novels. The goal is to get everyone to write in the manner that will be expected of them when they enter college.  I hope to make this year an interesting and memorable year for you and I look forward to getting started. 


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Classroom Rules and Procedures