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LRHSD Adds Google Translate to District & School Websites

The Lenape Regional High School District (LRHSD) is pleased to announce the addition of “Google Translate” to district and school websites.

“Google Translate enhances district and school communication with families and the community, enabling parents/guardians and students from diverse cultures to benefit from the resources available through our websites,” said LRHSD Superintendent Dr. Carol Birnbohm. “The LRHSD community is rich in linguistic diversity, with more than 36 different languages spoken in the homes of our students,” she added. “By enabling translation into 103 languages, Google Translate is a step forward in strengthening outreach and access to information.”

That step forward can be seen in how Google Translate is helping the Lenape District’s English Language Learner (ELL) students and their families. “With Google Translate, my parents can understand how schools work, so I learn better,” describes one ELL student. Another student shares, “My parents and I can find a lot of school information because of Google Translate. It will help many people.” This access to information could “translate” into higher student achievement and involvement. As ELL and English teacher Mrs. Colette McGarrity attests, “Google Translate enables a more cohesive partnership between our English Language Learners, their non-native English speaking parents and guardians, our schools, and our communities. Increased comprehension and accessibility to important information about school and class events, extracurricular opportunities, college fairs, testing, and tutoring should positively impact student involvement and achievement.”

The Google Translate feature is easy to use. The “Select Language” dropdown box at the top of the district and school pages enables users to choose a language. 

Within seconds after the language is selected, the website appears in translation. The application value of this feature extends into the classroom, as all six languages LRHSD students learn through World Languages classes — French, German, Italian, Latin, Russian, and Spanish — are among the 103 languages included in Google Translate. Students will be able to use the feature to bolster their learning in personalized ways, including in their study of how languages are translated. 

A similar service is available through Genesis Parent Module, the LRHSD’s online portal that enables parents to learn about their students’ progress.

When logged into Parent Module, the user can change the language setting of the account by using the “Select Language” dropdown box in the lower left-hand corner. The languages available in addition to English include the LRHSD’s four most common: Spanish, Chinese, Gujarati, and Korean. Parents or guardians who would like to set up a Parent Module account should email the LRHSD Genesis Helpdesk at All parents are encouraged to use Parent Module as a way of staying informed about their students’ grades, attendance, discipline, and more.

In addition to Google Translate and Genesis Parent Module, the LRHSD Mobile App is capable of translating 70 different languages for its calendar and news feed sections. The language can be adjusted under the app’s Settings feature. 

According to Birnbohm, the extensive range of language translation tools helps break down barriers to clear, open, and two-way communication. “It reflects and supports our mission to foster ‘partnerships with families and community’ and to help ensure every student excels academically, socially, and emotionally while attending LRHSD as well as in college and careers.”