Bus Regulations

  • Buses are provided for all pupils by the Board of Education. Safety is the top priority of the Lenape District Transportation Department. Consequently, cameras may be installed on specific vehicles when deemed necessary to assure safety.

    The following are regulations that are expected to be observed by all who ride the buses:

    1. Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the designated pick-up time. We do not stop and wait for a student running to the stop; it is unsafe to do so. If the student is not at the stop, we will not pick them up.
    2. Remain seated while the bus is in motion. Seat belts must be buckled.
    3. Keep head, arms and hands inside the bus.
    4. Obey the driver and bus patrol immediately and respectfully.
    5. Vaping, smoking, consumption of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.
    6. The harassment, intimidation, bullying and hazing behavioral guidelines are in effect whenever students are riding the bus.
    7. Avoid distracting the driver’s attention with loud talking, laughing, bad language or unnecessary disturbances.
    8. Avoid cluttering up the aisle with books, sports equipment or gym bags.
    9. Always treat the bus equipment respectfully and help keep it clean. If a student is found to have defaced the bus in any way, they will be disciplined and the parents/guardians of the student will be responsible for the cost of the repair.
    10. Avoid crowding around the bus doors when it is ready to load or unload.
    11. Sports cleats are not permitted to be worn on the bus.
    12. Skateboards are not permitted on the bus.

    Behavior: Students who do not behave in accordance with the above guidelines, or who are involved in any disturbance on a school bus, will face disciplinary action, including possible immediate expulsion from the bus.  School buses will be returned to a school whenever a situation develops that needs immediate attention, or the police will be called if necessary.