• Attention Shawnee Graduates 

    Shawnee High School would like to honor its alumni that have served in the United States Armed Services. We are currently collecting data to help build a database of information for Shawnee High School purposes only.  We are hoping to create an alumni memorial somewhere on Shawnee's campus honoring all who have served.

    Please click here to add your name to the database.
    (You will need to login to a Google account to complete the form)
  • Share your story or tell us about someone else!

      Lenape District Television (LDTV) is looking for alumni of Cherokee, Lenape, Seneca & Shawnee high schools who are interested in sharing memories from their days in the Lenape District and/or updating us on what they've been doing since graduation.
    We are constantly in search of alumni whose success and contributions to society after graduation will not only honor our graduates, but will also motivate current students by demonstrating the results of the quality education delivered in our schools.
  • Official Alumni Websites

    If you would like to reconnect with faculty and former classmates, please visit one of the official LRHSD alumni websites. Membership is FREE and available exclusively to our alumni and friends. It is a secure password-protected environment. By becoming a member, you'll be able to organize and view information about class reunions, access the alumni directories, find lost/missing classmates and much more.
  • Become an Alumni Ambassador

    Lenape Alumni Ambassador    Shawnee Alumni Ambassador   Cherokee Alumni Ambassador   Seneca Alumni Ambassador
    Since 1961, more than 70,000 individuals have graduated from the schools of the Lenape Regional High School District (LRHSD).  Many of these graduates have remained in the area and now have children who will soon attend or are currently attending one of the four district high schools.
    One of the proven building blocks of an outstanding community is quality education.  These formidable Lenape District grads wield a great amount of power and responsibility in shaping the communities in which they live.
    We would like you to consider your role as a Lenape Regional High School District alumnus and community leader and become an Alumni Ambassador. The Ambassadors Program exemplifies the four initiatives of our new and improved alumni relations program:
    Advocate, Participate, Maintain, & Sustain.
    These initiatives, bolstered by every involved alumnus, will ensure that Lenape Regional High School District's alumni form a strong, united front and continue to play a vital role in their school community.

    • Time and again, our district alumni speak with pride about the quality education they received while attending one of our four high schools.  It is our goal to ensure that the district continues to be a place that alumni are proud to call their own.
    • A natural outgrowth of pride is advocacy.  The Alumni Ambassadors Program is an ideal opportunity for Lenape District graduates to advocate for the district.
    • As advocates, alumni through their words and actions personify and actively support the quality of education provided by the district.
    • Involvement requires enthusiastic participation from alumni like you.  The Alumni Ambassadors program is a great way to get involved.
    • Alumni Ambassadors help ensure that the district continues to provide this and future generations with the highest quality education.
    • There are opportunities to participate at every level.  The Ambassadors Program is designed to provide alumni with advocacy and volunteer opportunities to fit their schedules and suit their individual strengths.
    • The Alumni Ambassadors Program fosters and maintains strong ties with the district and among alumni of all ages.
    • Many Lenape District alumni continue to call the region home and even those who have moved away often maintain strong connections to the community.
    • Involvement is the key to sustaining the highest standards for our district, even in the face of an ever-changing education climate.
      In our efforts to sustain the success of our education initiatives, we rely on the life-long commitment by those individuals who received their high school education here.
    • We urge our alumni to get and stay actively involved within the school district's community, hoping that their time and dedication will help improve and sustain top-quality education experiences for generations to come.
    We invite you, as an alumnus of Lenape, Shawnee, Cherokee or Seneca High School, to join with your fellow alumni as an Alumni Ambassador.  Let's work together to ensure continued quality education and unparalleled opportunity for the students and families within the Lenape Regional High School District.
    If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador contact us at 609-268-2000 ext. 3530 or by email at alumni@lrhsd.org.