• 2019-2020 Officers
    President:  Christine McMullin
    Vice-President:  Rebecca Goldstein
    Secretary:  Grace Potter
    Treasurer:  Emma Lockburner
    Historian:  Taylor Kardos
    2018-2019 Officers
    Co-Presidents:  Nikki Petaccio and Christine McMullin
    Co-Vice-Presidents:  Grace Potter and Marielle Reese
    Secretaries:  Recording:  Cece Lockburner
                       Corresponding:  Vivian Vo
    Treasurer:  Emily Aldakimov
    Co-Historians:   Holly Raup and Gabby Mesulam 
    2017-2018 Officers
    President:  Danielle Berson
    Vice-President:  Rebecca Stearn
    Secretaries:  Recording:  Nikki Petaccio and Becky Lewis
                       Corresponding:  Andrew Lee
    Treasurer:  Cassie Oleniacz
    Historians:   Julia Firicano and Christine McMullin
    2016-2017 Officers
    President:  Danielle Berson 
    Vice-President:  Rebecca Stearn
    Secretary:  Nikki Petaccio and Caleigh Masterman
    Treasurer:  Cassie Oleniacz 
    2015-2016 Officers
    President:  Kelsey Haines
    Vice-President:  Devon Moll
    Secretaries:  Rebecca Stearn and Danielle Berson
    Treasurer:  Cassie Oleniacz
    Historian:  Mariam Hanna
    Future Educators Association
    Shawnee's FEA Club Adviser Ms. Debra Bunn
    Business Education Teacher
    600 Tabernacle Road
    Medford, NJ 08055
    (609) 654-7544 Ext. 8484 dbunn@lrhsd.org
    Future Educators Association is an organization that exposes young people to various educational situations so that they may experience what is involved in the teaching profession. FEA tries to place students in many different scenarios from helping very young children with arts and crafts to working with peers. FEA serves its community and helps with various school activities.  The FEA of Shawnee is associated with the state and national FEA.  This association provides opportunities for the students to learn about the profession and state colleges which educate for the profession. Future Educators Association is an investment in our future leaders, our schools and our community.