LRHSD Math Pathways

More Options for Today's Learners

  • Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, Lenape Regional High School District students have a new and exciting opportunity to choose a math pathway based on their interests and future plans. We are proud to broaden the range of classes available and provide access to rigorous content and quality instruction for all of our students.

    We will continue to offer the traditional math pathway, now called the Calculus Pathway. This will prepare students who are interested in career paths such as science, technology, engineering, math, business, or pre-med. The LRHSD’s traditional Calculus Pathway has seen tremendous success in preparing students for college and university programs.

    Recently, the world of data has exploded with technological advances in the ways we collect and use information. In response, we have created the Data Science Pathway. The latest research shows that 21st-century careers require exposure to data science, statistics and computer science. Data is an integral part of every industry, and we believe exposure to data science is worthwhile for every student. 

    When considering the new Data Science Pathway, students should consider college prerequisites but know that many colleges and universities - including Harvard - are recognizing the value and rigor of classes other than Calculus.

flow chart showing the two math pathways and suggested courses for each year
  • All students will start with Algebra 1 and Geometry. Students are able to choose between the two different Pathways starting with their Algebra 2 course. All students must take Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

    Students interested in the Calculus Pathway should take Algebra 2 Functions. If a student wants to continue with the Data Science Pathway they will take Algebra 2 Data Science.

    Refer to the Math Course Offerings page for pathway course details, options and prerequisites.

More About Math Pathways

  • To learn more about the LRHSD Math Pathways, view and/or download the LRHSD Math Pathways slide show or watch the informational video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which LRHSD Math Pathway should I choose?

  • I know I should consider my future college and major interests when selecting my pathway. How do I find out what the admissions requirements are for the colleges/majors I am interested in?

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  • I took Algebra 2 Functions this year. Can I sign up for AP Statistics or Probability & Statistics ACC next year even though it is in a different pathway?

  • I took Algebra 2 Data Science this year, but next year I’d like to try Precalculus. Is that possible?

  • What if I'm not sure what I am going to do as a career, but I know I am going to college?

  • What if I’m not sure what I am going to do as a career, but I know I am NOT going to college?

  • I’m in the Calculus Pathway but I want to take AP Statistics or Probability and Statistics. Is that allowed?

  • I would like to learn more about Computer Programming, but I also want to take another math course. Is that possible?

  • I am interested in taking AP Physics in high school. Should this factor into my decision regarding the LRHSD Math Pathway?

  • I am still unsure which pathway interests me. Can you tell me more about what I would be learning in the pathways?