• The following extracurricular clubs and activities are art, media and technology based.  Please click on a club name to visit that particular club's website!

    Art Club
    This club is open to all students.  They work on independent projects as well as school installation projects. A101 and A102. 
    --Advisor:  Mrs. Melanie Gessman (mgessman@lrhsd.org)


    Literary Magazine
    Students form an editorial board and read short stories, poetry, and other writings submitted by the students (artwork is also included).  Students are responsible for editing, layout, and typing.  The magazine is by the students, for the students.
    --Advisor:  Mr. Jon Posch (jposch@lrhsd.org)


    Media Tech/Shawnee TV
    Students explore various topics in video and media productions.  Students produce, film, and edit school activities as well as the morning show.
    --Advisors:  Mr. Brian Pistone (bpistone@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Christian Hochenberger (chochenberger@lrhsd.org)

    The school newspaper is a product of student work from start to finish.  The staff learns the basics of newspaper writing, which is then utilized in creating news stories.  The staff types up each story and creates the newspaper format on computer.  Other areas of interest include working with computers and layout and design. 
    --Advisors:  Mr. Christian Hochenberger (chochenberger@lrhsd.org)/Mr. Michael Casey (mcasey@lrhsd.org) 


    Stage Crew
    Students work on various activities, including the Fall Drama and the All School Musical.
    --Fall Advisor:  Ms. Brenna Atmore (batmore@lrhsd.org)
    --Spring Advisor:  Ms. Brenna Atmore (batmore@lrhsd.org)  

    Tech Crew 
    Shawnee's Tech Crew strives for excellence on a daily basis, spending time during lunch and learn as well as after school meetings to improve our skills, abilities, and techniques for the theater and live performance programs at Shawnee. We are a student-driven program that assists in the fall play, winter musicals, concerts, and other live events from speeches to Mr. Shawnee. 
    --Fall Advisor:  Mr. David Frank (dfrank@lrhsd.org)
    --Fall Advisor:  Mr. David Frank (dfrank@lrhsd.org)  


    Yearbook Business Staff
    Students sell ads to lower the cost of yearbooks.  They help sell and distribute yearbooks in June. 
    --Advisors:  Mrs. Rosemary Johnson (rjohnson@lrhsd.org)/Mrs. Kelly Banks (kbanks@lrhsd.org)


    Yearbook Staff
    Students help plan, design, and edit the Shawnee Yearbook.  This includes writing copy, taking photographs, and developing artwork that will become the finished product. 
    --Advisors:  Mrs. Kelly Banks (kbanks@lrhsd.org)/Mrs. Sarah Howarth (showarth@lrhsd.org)