• The following extra-curricular clubs are performance-based, and include music, marching band, orchestra, theater and drama.  Please click on a club name to visit that particular club's website!

    All School Musical
    The All School Musical takes place during the winter season and is rehearsed daily and on Saturdays.  Auditions are held in November for stage roles and for the chorus.
    --Advisor:  Mrs. Kehl (gkehl@lrhsd.org). 

    Choral concerts, competitions, and assembly programs are all within the scope of the Shawnee Chorus and Shawnee Singers.  Both groups may be scheduled as a class during the regular school day. 
    --Advisors:  Mr. Joubert (rjoubert@lrhsd.org) and Mrs. Kehl (gkehl@lrhsd.org,) Music Suite.  

    Color Guard (Band Front)
    This group is an integral part of the Marching Band, performing with flags, rifles, etc., at every Marching Band performance.  --Advisor:  Ms. Erin Schifferdecker (eschifferdecker@lrhsd.org)

    Concert Band
    Concert Band is a class, and extra-curricular activity for students who play an instrument (wind or percussion) and read music. Special attention will be given to development of techniques, intonation, sight reading, tone production and playing experience as a member of a performing ensemble. Performances at two concerts, as well as festivals, are requirements of this course.  --Mr. Nick Rotindo, Advisor, (nrotindo@lrhsd.org) Music Suite. 

    Drama Club
    The Drama club performs a non-musical production in the fall.  Auditions are within the first few weeks of school.  Students are needed as actors, costuming, and stage crew.   --Advisor:  Mrs. Gina Kehl, (gkehl@lrhsd.org). 

    Jazz Band
    This band performs at concerts as well as a full schedule of competitive festivals.  An audition in October is required.  The band meets Tuesday evenings and Thursdays after school.  --Advisor:  Mr. Nick Rotindo, (nrotindo@lrhsd.org) Advisor. 

    Marching Band
    The Marching Band performs at football games, pep rallies, local and national parades, and other functions.  In addition, the Renegade Band performs a full schedule of competitions.  The Marching Band meets in the fall and rehearses after school and in the evenings.  --Advisor:  Ms. Pam Czekay, (pczekay@lrhsd.org).  

    Pit Orchestra
    This ensemble performs the live accompaniment for the school musical held in late February or early March.  An audition is required.  --Advisors:  Mr. Nick Rotindo/Mr. Robert Joubert, (nrotindo@lrhsd.org) Music Suite.  

    Wind Ensemble
    Wind Ensemble is offered to advanced instrumental students with at least one year experience in the band program in the high school. All students must audition for the class and will be recommended by the director for admission into the course. Emphasis is on advanced instrumental techniques, performance of wind ensemble literature, and preparation for regional band and college auditions.  --Advisor:  Mr. Nick Rotindo, (nrotindo@lrhsd.org) Music Suite.