• CEEB Code-310762
    College Application Process
    Seniors should get started with the College Application process as early as possible during their Senior year.  During the Junior year and the summer between the Junior and Senior year much of the search work should be done.  Senior year should be a time to wrap up visitations and fill out the applications. 
    -Applications can be obtained from the colleges themselves during visitations, by phoning the college or by downloading them off the internet.
    Lynda Miller
    Lynda Miller, Registrar
    The Counseling Department at Lenape High School also has a number of applications from a variety of colleges.


    A written request is required.  This request can be done in person or by mail.  If submitting a written request by mail include the student’s name as it was in high school, date of birth, year of graduation, and name and address of the college, employer or other location where the transcript is to be mailed.  Please note: Any transcript sent directly to the home will be an unofficial transcript.

    Mail request to:

    Lenape High School

    235 Hartford Road

    Medford, NJ 08055 

    Attn:  Registrar’s Office