Not Even Once

  • Cherokee and Evesham Township Police Host Parent Night to Present Opioid Awareness Curriculum and Debut Video

    Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at 7pm - LRHSD Performing Arts Center at Cherokee High School

  • Cherokee High School and the Evesham Township Police Department (ETPD) have launched an interactive high school opioid awareness program titled Not Even Once. Originally developed by Manchester Township Police in response to the growing opioid epidemic in New Jersey, the program aims to bring law enforcement and educators together to inform students about the dangers of opioids. At Parent Night, ETPD officers will present the Not Even Once curriculum to parents and premiere a video produced by Lenape District Television, which details the tragic story of 2010 Cherokee High School graduate Maxwell Huffnagle, and his battle with drug addiction (See Teaser Trailer Below). Max’s parents, Debbie and Steve Huffnagle will also be on hand to speak with parents and answer questions.

    Students will be shown the video as part of their participation in the program during their senior year health class.

Program Overview

  • Not Even Once is one of many initiatives supported by the Lenape Regional High School District’s Defy the Issue campaign that aims to educate district families and residents of all ages about the dangers of illegal drug and alcohol use and to provide support for young people by empowering them to DEFY the pressures of using such substances.

    As part of the Not Even Once curriculum, which aims to demonstrate the impact of opioids on students’ own communities, students view videos and hear from local individuals who have experienced drug addiction. Shawnee piloted the program in 2017 and then introduced it to all seniors in the spring of 2018. Shawnee also began an adaptation of Not Even Once for freshmen in the fall of 2018. Cherokee piloted Not Even Once in May 2018, and it was rolled out to all senior health classes in October 2018.

    To learn more about each school's program, visit the Cherokee Not Even Once and Shawnee Not Even Once pages.