Garden Club 2024-2025

    Hi all!  The Garden Club took a season of rest in 2023-24.

    If you are interested in activating the club

    in the coming year, please reach out to Ms. Molz!

    Google Classroom:  irfuzmx
     Please contact Ms. Molz for more detailed information at:  mmolz@lrhsd.org or in room B-101


    I am happy to let you know that the plantings we placed in the Cafeteria Courtyard have become established and provided beautiful blooms throughout the summer months.

    Designing for Crystal Apple Awards   

    Our informal meetings will be Thursday from 2:30 to 3:20ish. Meetings are advertised on LRHSD outlets.

    We meet in B-101 with a quick meeting to sign in, plan, and organize and then we will proceed to the activity.

    NHS will recognize this club when you are an active contributing member and attend at least 50% of the activities and meetings.                                                                   

    The Shawnee Garden Club is a student-driven club that
    provides gardening experience through growing and working with
    plant material through landscape activities like
    caring for campus flower bedsand design projects like
    live holiday wreath making and flower arranging design workshops as well as
    horticulture investigations and experiments of your choice.
    A possible spring trip to the Philadelphia Flower Show provides inspiration!
    Fundraising projects are scheduled throughout the year
    to fund activities and purchase perennial plants for the campus.
    All students are welcome. 
    You will find that getting out in the sun after school and getting a little dirt
    under your nails can be a relaxing way to end a long school day. 
    Check us out!
    Contact Ms. Molz (mmolz@lrhsd.org) or stop by B-101 for more information.