Option Two Program

  • The Lenape Regional High School District will provide a superior education by utilizing multiple and diverse paths to success for all children. Students will be able to explore educational experiences that are meaningful and relevant, and that provide opportunities to explore and achieve at high levels. N.J.A.C.6A:8-5.1(a)1ii, commonly known as “Option Two,” permits district boards of education to establish curricular activities or programs aimed at achieving the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for promotion and graduation purposes. Option Two serves as an alternative to traditional high school courses. 

    Option Two programs will allow students to obtain credit for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment. These experiences provide real-world connections not available in the school setting. Any course related to a state assessment cannot be taken in Option Two until the appropriate state assessment has been passed. Health cannot be completed under the Option Two program.  

    In some instances, the credit and grade earned will be calculated into a student’s GPA and class rank. Check specific Option Two programs for information about GPA and class rank. Once a course has been accepted and added to the transcript, it becomes a part of the permanent record and cannot be removed. 

    Please be aware that courses taken outside of the LRHSD which are not on the approved 48-H form (courses approved by NCAA for LRHSD students) will not calculate for NCAA eligibility. It is strongly advised that any potential college athlete check the NCAA website for information on Option II programs and NCAA eligibility.

    Students may be permitted an early release or late arrival from the school day in order to participate in some of the approved Option Two programs. If the student has early release or late arrival due to an Option Two program (and the program is not on school grounds), the student cannot be on school property during such times.

    The safety, cost and transportation, to and from, any Option Two program and any and all costs for programs, fees, books, supplies, support, tutoring, etc. are the responsibility of the student’s parent/guardian. By completing the Option Two request, the parent/guardian(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Lenape Regional High School District, its agents or employees from any and all claims of any type, action, complaint, judgment, costs or personal injury, arising out of, or related to, the student’s participation in the Option 2 program. 

    Types of Programs in the menu on the left shows the options available to students of the Lenape Regional High School District as alternative means of obtaining the necessary credit for graduation.