"To broaden our minds about the world as a whole and educate everyone about different cultures."


    Mission Statement

    The goal of the Multicultural Club is to enhance your school experience as well as impact the cultural environment for the entire community here at Seneca High School, by promoting ethnic and multicultural awareness and diversity.
    It's an opportunity to:
    • Meet new people, develop leadership skills, and strengthen ties to your community.
    • Build close friendships with each other, while sharing cultures with each other and the community.
    • Expand the knowledge that our peers have about one another's ethnic and cultural backgrounds
    • Diversity must be respected.
    • Cultural knowledge is a part of the overall educational experience.
    • Students need this knowledge as they head into a more and more diverse world, not only for themselves, but also for their children, grandchildren, and for future generations.
    • Meetings have a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere. 
    • Club members share international recipes, currencies, fabrics, flags, way of life and language.
    • Issues and topics relating to heritage and people are discussed. 
    • The club works toward tolerance and understanding of all cultures, and promotes events and themes that foster cultural awareness.