Degrees and Certifications:

MAT of Visual Arts Education BFA of Illustration

Mr. Coyle

A former Cherokee graduate, Mr. Coyle grew up in the Marlton area and was a student in the classroom of every former art teacher the school has had for the last thirty years.  He is well versed in the Cherokee culture and the level of professionalism and excellence that is expected of a Cherokee Chief.  He studied illustration at The University of The Arts, where he also received his Master's Degree in Visual Arts Education.  The main tenets of his eduactional philosophy are simple.  He believes students should leave his classroom as well-rounded young adults.  Upon leaving students should be more open-minded, responsible, and adaptable.  They should now possess the tools necessary to not only succeed in the arts, but in any career path they may choose. He believes it is his duty to teach student's to see the world with an open-mind so that they may adapt and respond to any challenges they may face in the future.  He believes that the arts are integral to every student's successful education because the arts, perhaps more so than any other academic area, teach students to problem solve in new and dynamic ways.