• Mr. Viscidy   

    Teacher:  Mr. Viscidy

    Involves a physical science approach to the study of the earth and the interrelationships between man and the environment. Special emphasis is placed on exploring topics in astronomy, environmental issues, and geology. Emphasis is placed on organizational skills and hands-on experiences.



    Basic survey course in life sciences, less rigorous than level 2. It includes the chemistry of living things and studies: plants, animals, microbiology, human biology, genetics, and ecology. Greater emphasis is placed on organizational skills.



    General chemistry is a modified academic course which includes basic chemistry concepts and utilizes mathematical skills in problem solving and laboratory experiences. Topics covered include atomic theory, formula writing, chemical bonds and equations, mole concept, gas laws, chemical reactions, characteristics of acids, bases, salts and periodicity. The course involves laboratory experience with emphasis on data collection and organization, problem solving, and analysis of results.



    Builds students’ awareness of the physical world. Physical Science will provide students with information pertaining to the foundations of both chemistry and physics. Through classroom and laboratory activities, students will explore the fundamental characteristics of matter, from its basic atomic structure to detailed descriptions of how and why chemical reactions occur. Also, students will study the basic mechanics of motion in addition to a variety of other physics topics. Students can take the first year of chemistry or physics after passing physical science but cannot take physical science after passing chemistry or physics. Not available at freshman level.