Teacher: Mr. Moore

    Email: bmoore@lrhsd.org


    Technology in Music I

    Provides an overview of, and hands-on experience with a number of commercially-available, music-related hardware and software products. Extensive class time is devoted to gaining a practical understanding of the Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) and applying it effectively in the areas of composition, orchestration, recording, performance, and education. Other technology covered includes electronic keyboards, software synthesizers, digital audio, sound synthesis, CD-ROM, and multimedia. This course satisfies the fine and performing arts requirement or the technology requirement for graduation.

    Technology in Music II

    An extension of Technology in Music I, taking an in depth look at subjects covered in that class, with emphasis placed on digital audio and Multi-Media elements. Students will work toward creating original audio/video portfolios. Prerequisite: Technology in Music I.


    Piano Lab

    Designed for the student who has very little or no piano experience. In this course, the student will learn to read and write music; perform on the piano; compose and improvise music; and incorporate music history, music of different cultures, and music of modern society in the assigned pieces of music. This course is currently under revision. Upon Board approval the description of the course will be modified to align with the revised curriculum and current New Jersey Core and Common Core Standards.


Last Modified on November 30, 2021