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    Algebra I (ACC, CP & PR) 

    Lays the groundwork for all mathematics study by establishing the concepts of set theory, axioms, and properties of the real number system. Equations and inequalities are studied with emphasis on transforming verbal statements into mathematical symbols. Polynomials, rational algebraic expressions, graphing, linear/quadratic equations and radicals are also examined. PR level is available through the Child Study Team.


    Algebra II (ACC, CP & PR) 

    Builds on the algebraic foundation of Algebra I. Involves the study of functions and their graphs – including quadratic, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric and probability. Prerequisite: Algebra I and completion of or concurrently taking Geometry.


    Consumer Math (PR) 

    Designed to prepare students to deal with situations in their daily lives that require knowledge of comparing and reconciling savings accounts and checking accounts, renting apartments, purchasing housing, determining real estate taxes, buying cars, investigating insurance options, etc. This course satisfies the personal financial literacy graduation requirement. This course does not satisfy math requirements for graduation. PR level is available through the Child Study Team.


    Geometry (ACC, CP & PR) 

    Based on Euclid's elements of deductive reasoning which emphasized the geometry of the plane surface. Area, volume, congruent triangles, polygons, and constructions are studied. Algebraic applications of geometric concepts are frequent.  PR level is available through the Child Study Team.


    Pre-Calculus  (ACC) 

    Based on the study of functions. It begins with a review of Algebra II, continues with trigonometric functions and their applications, then concludes with several topics in advanced algebra.  Prerequisite: Algebra II. 


    Calculus ACC (ACC) 

    Designed for students with mathematical aptitude who have an understanding of Pre-Calculus and the desire to study Calculus in college. The year begins with a review of elementary functions followed by a study of limits, differential calculus and beginning integral calculus. Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus. *Offered as RCBC CAP Course.