English I

    English I is taught using the Reading/Writing Workshop model. Half of each week is spent on writing instruction, while the other half is dedicated to the study of literature, short stories, the novel, drama and poetry, as well as non-fiction. Students are introduced to several writing modes, including research. Independent reading is required throughout the year. As students write more extensively, they become more critical readers, and as they read more, they learn to identify and incorporate the tools of master writers.


    English II

    English II is the thematic exploration of American literature through various “voices” exemplified by our writers: voices of conformity and protest, of self-exploration, of disillusionment, and voices facing adversity. In addition, writing skills taught in English I are further refined. Research skills are introduced and students will produce a full-length research paper.


    English III  

    Focuses on philosophical themes (the nature of humanity, authority, societal change, the hero), as portals to strengthening writing, reading and speaking skills. Literature studied includes non-fiction in addition to poetry, drama and fiction from a diverse and global selection of writers. Rhetorical and research skills are emphasized.


    English IV  

    Focuses on World Literature and builds on language skills previously developed. Emphasis is on literature as a reflection of the culture that produced it. This course continues to stress writing, critical thinking, and vocabulary. This course is currently under revision. Upon Board approval the description of the course will be modified to align with the revised curriculum and current New Jersey Common Core Standards