• Mrs. Dent

    Teacher:  Mrs. Laurie Dent 

    Email: ldent@lrhsd.org


    Foundations of Art (Art I)

    Teaches drawing, design, and 3-dimensional art, which may include: perspective, painting, portraiture, still life, color theory, clay and sculpture. Students develop awareness of elements of art. Incorporates art history, production, criticism and aesthetics.

    Creative Arts Media (Art II)

    Creative Arts Media is a second level, visual art course, where students will apply and expand upon previous knowledge from Foundations of Art. Students will utilize the principles of design to creatively explore various arts media. Arts media will include, but not be limited to, advanced drawing techniques, figure drawing, pottery, color theory, painting, and sculpture. A key component of this course is student-driven, creative, problem solving. This class will produce an intermediate portfolio preparing students for the upper-level courses, such as: Art Major I, Sculpture, and Art III. The prerequisite course is Foundations of Art.


    Art III

    Builds on concepts learned in previous courses. Students learn advanced techniques of fine art. Attention given to development of problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. In addition to skill building exercises, students complete finished projects in a variety of two-and three-dimensional media. Many projects are self-directed, and students are frequently given the opportunity to make decisions regarding subject matter and choice of media. Units of study may include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, illustration, design, art history, and career opportunities. Students gain a deeper appreciation of art and a basis for lifelong artistic endeavors. Prerequisites: Foundations of Art and Creative Arts Media.