• Camp Ockanickon 


    The students and staff at Sequoia spend two days at Camp Ockanickon learning to overcome obstacles and successfully face their fears through a series of activities designed to teach our students the principles of how to work with others, ethical decision-making, risk-taking, team-building, communication, creative thinking, and more. 

    The purpose of this trip is to provide a quality, personal outdoor experience that builds relationships, inspires self-learning and strengthens character.  The core values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility are incorporated into every activity. They also teach compassion, integrity, self-worth, and dependability.  During the first day, students need to learn about trust, respect, teamwork and communication to successfully complete the challenges close to the ground.  This is a prerequisite to participating in the second day's higher up (fifteen to fifty feet up) activities.  The students are securely tethered to safety ropes as they maneuver through elevated activities.   Rising to these challenges lets students overcome their fears and also helps them recognize that they possess strengths in their personal character that they may have not realized.  This raises awareness and recognition that can then be applied during decision making elsewhere in their lives.