Seneca Art Department

  • Mrs. Trish LaBouff
    Assistant Principal
    Art Supervisor
    Gerry Sherlock
    Art Coordinator
    Mr. Robert Dooley
    Ms. Katie Cichon
    Art Department Teachers


    Come Join us at the Annual Seneca Art Show
    in the Seneca H.S. Media Center

    The Seneca High School Art students will participate in:

    The Center for the Arts in Southern New Jersey Show: October/November


    The Burlington County Teen Arts Festival at RCBC

    : March

    *please come out and show your support





    Kat Cromeck 2017                                 Devon Borkowski 2017  .                         Susie Foley 2016
                         Susie Foley 2016                       Carl 2014                   Dillon 2012  .  








    All Art courses meet graduation requirements for Visual/Performing Arts.


    Fooundations of Art
    Teaches drawing, design, and 3-dimensional art, which may include: perspective, painting, portraiture, still life, color theory, clay and sculpture. Students develop awareness of elements of art. Incorporates art history, production, criticism and aesthetics.


    Exploring Art
    Teaches basic drawing and design skills. Students develop basic understanding of elements of art and principles of design. Incorporates art history, production, criticism and aesthetics, through practical, hands-on applications. Emphasis will be placed on basic skills, small group instruction, and/or individualized attention. NOTE: This course will NOT fulfill prerequisite for any other art class.


    Creative Arts Media
    Builds on concepts and skills taught in Art 1. Units include elements of art and principles of design, still life drawing, advanced drawing techniques, figure drawing, pottery, color theory, painting and sculpture. Students improve problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills through study of art criticism, history, and production. Prerequisite: Foundations of Art.


    Creative Arts Media 2
    Builds on concepts learned in previous courses. Students learn advanced techniques of fine art. Attention given to development of problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. In addition to skill building exercises, students complete finished projects in a variety of two- and three-dimensional media. Many projects are self-directed, and students are frequently given the opportunity to make decisions regarding subject matter and choice of media. Units of study may include drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, illustration, design, art history, and career opportunities. Students gain a deeper appreciation of art and a basis for lifelong artistic endeavors. Prerequisites: Foundations of Art and Creative Arts Media. *Offered as BCC Cap Course.


    Single period class for Juniors or Seniors who have already passed Art 1 and Art 2. Students will learn additive, subtractive and manipulative methods of overall sculpture with a variety of methods, techniques and mediums. Once Sculpture is completed, students can pursue any higher level art classes (including AP Studio Art as a 3D Design student- pending teacher recommendations and qualifying grades of an A or B in Sculpture). Prerequisites: Art 1 and Art 2. This course is currently under revision. Upon Board approval the description of the course will be modified to align with the revised curriculum and current New Jersey Core and Common Core Standards   Prerequisites: Foundations of Art and Creative Arts Media.


    *Art Major I
    Double period class which builds on concepts learned in previous art classes. Open to juniors and seniors who have successfully completed and shown exceptional ability in Art I and Art II. Course selection is determined by previous art class grade point average and teacher recommendation. Students will develop portfolios which can be used as entrance requirement at university level and will investigate college and career options in the art field. Emphasis on creative interpretation of subject matter, observational drawing, figure drawing, color theory, applied design, three dimensional design, computer graphics, art history and art criticism. *Offered as BCC Cap Course. 

    Prerequisites: Foundations of Art and Creative Arts Media. (Teacher Recommendation Required)


    *Contemporary Arts and Ideas
    Single Period course for seniors only. This course focuses on real world art skills and ideas that, while inspired by fine art, do not require the highest level of fine art skills. The content of the course will evolve each year depending on materials and what is happening on the modern art world. Prerequisite: Foundations of Art


    *AP Studio Art                                                 HON
    Double period class equivalent to a first year college studio art class. Open to seniors who have shown exceptional ability in art and successfully completed Art Major I. Emphasis on critical decision making, independent studio work, investigation of formal and conceptual issues, and development of technical skills concerning the visual art elements. Students will be prepared to submit a portfolio of work and slides to the College Board for scoring. Could receive college credits or advanced placement standing depending upon their scores and policies of individual colleges. *Offered as BCC Cap Course.

    Prerequisite: Art Major with a teacher recommendation



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