• 2019-20 Parking Permits for Seniors


    STEP 1: 

    Students MUST sign into their student LRHSD account by using Cherokee's website

    Click +User Options at the top right of the page then Sign In with your 6-digit student ID number as your user name (ex: 123456).


    STEP 2: 

    Students need to complete the Class of 2019 Cherokee Senior Parking Google form      


    STEP 3:

    Check student's school email account for confirmation email with further instructions on how to proceed.  Do NOT pay for parking OR report to Cherokee prior to receiving this email.



    • Parking will only be available to the class of 2020. On or about August 1st, parking applications will be accepted online through the Cherokee website.  

    • If you will not have your driver’s license by August 1st, you may use your parent’s license to apply for a parking pass.

    • Parking approvals will only come through your LRHSD student email. To ensure that you receive your notification in a timely manner, student passwords MUST have been changed prior to leaving school on June 21st. Passwords can only be changed on Cherokee computers.  You cannot change your password on computers outside of the school.

    • Settle all obligations before applying for a parking pass. Passes will not be issued to anyone with outstanding obligations.

    • Do not pay for a parking pass until you receive your approval. Paying for a pass before you receive your approval will not ensure that you receive a pass.

    • You will be able to select the lot that you want until permits in a specific lot are gone. There will also be a designated area for oversized vehicles in the main parking lot.

    • There is limited parking on school grounds. Passes will be issued on a first come/first served basis.  If you follow these guidelines, you will not have any delays in receiving your pass.

    • Please note that the only entrances for students reporting to school will be the North entrance and the PAC/Gym entrance. The E-Wing and North Cafeteria will not be permissible entrances.