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    Dear Cherokee Parents,

    We are pleased to welcome you to the Cherokee Parent eBoard. This eBoard was developed to provide you with basic information important to your son's/daughter's academic and extracurricular success.

    Your review of the contents and assistance with compliance of rules and regulations, as well as with timelines and deadlines will help your son/daughter to successfully complete their junior and senior years of high school.

    Please share this eBoard with other Cherokee parents/guardians. It is our hope that you will continue to play an active role in your child's education. Thus, the better the communication between the home and school, the less problems there tend to be for everyone concerned.

    We sincerely hope that your child's years at Cherokee High School bring them great pleasure, fond memories and an alliance in the tradition of Cherokee Pride.


    The Cherokee Administration


    Cherokee High School makes every effort to communicate with parents/guardians using all available technology. Therefore there is a weekly email list you can subscribe to that contains important information. This is an excellent way to stay informed about your child’s high school experience.

    In order to subscribe to the list, please register on Cherokee’s home page at www.lrhsd.org/cherokee .The link to subscribe is located on the left hand side under the “North & South Announcement” links.  Type your email in the white box for the “Sign Up for our Email List” and then click “Go”.  A new window requesting additional information will then open.  Please confirm your email address and complete the brief questionaire.

    You will receive an email response informing you that you have successfully subscribed.  If you do not receive a response within 1-2 day(s) or if you have any questions, please e-mail me at kmcshane@lrhsd.org or call me at 856-983-5140 ext. 2225.  Please check your spam/junk mail folder periodically in the event that our messages are inadvertently routed there.


    Thank you,

    Karen McShane

    Counseling Secretary

    North Building

  • Donna Charlesworth


    (856) 983-5140 extension 2290


    Jennifer Paul

    Office Manager/Secretary to the Principal

    (856) 983-5140 extension 2205


    Steve Lee
    Assistant Principal, Disciplinarian for A-E
    Supervisor of Social Studies,  
    Art, Music, Naval JROTC 
    Responsible for Graduation, Affirmative Action Officer
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2230

    Maureen Foley
    Secretary to Mr. Lee
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2207

    Shannon Bretz
    Assistant Principal, Disciplinarian for F-Law
    Supervisor of World Languages and 
    Family Consumer Science 

    Responsible for Academic Awards 

    (856) 983-5140 extension 2295
    Maureen Foley
    Secretary to Mrs. Bretz
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2207

    Chris Callinan
    Assistant Principal, Disciplinarian Laz-Rh

    Supervisor of Math and Counseling 

    Responsible for PARCC Testing 

    (856) 983-5140 extension 2293
       ccallinan@lrhsd.org ;    
    Cherie Smith

    Secretary to Mr. Callinan
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2279 

    Scott Agnew

    Assistant Principal, Disciplinarian for Ri-Z

    Director of Athletics/Student Activities
    Supervisor of School Nurses, Athletic Trainers and School Security
    Responsible for Student Parking, Facility Use, Crisis Manager
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2291
    Valerie D'Amato
    Secretary to Mr. Agnew
    (856) 983-5140 extension 2203

  • Class Advisors & Senior Trip Dates




    Class of 2018 Advisors:

    Senior Trip Dates (BOE Approved) April 15-18, 2018


    Mrs. Laura Vopelius
    Special Education
    856 983-5140 extension 8014


    Mr. Thomas Viereck
    Health/Physical Education Department
    856 983-5141 extension 8882



    Class of 2019 Advisors:

    Senior Trip Dates (BOE Approved) April 14-17, 2019


    Mrs. Erica McGinley
    Special Education Department 
    856 983-5140 extension 8185

    Mr. Steve Dolores
    English Department
    856 983-5141 extension 8429


    Class of 2020 Advisors:

    Senior Trip Dates (BOE Approved) March 29-April 1, 2020


    Mrs. Deanna Innamorato

    English Department

    856983-5141 extension 8410



    Mr. Julian Framo

    Social Studies Department
    856 983-5140 extension 8208


    Class of 2021 Advisors:

    Senior Trip Dates (Requires BOE Approval) April 18-21, 2021


    Mrs. Megan Boland
    Health/Physical Education Department 
    856 983-5140 extension 8304


    Mr. Jack Lamplugh
    Business Department
    856 983-5140 extension 8609