• Cherokee Counseling Department 

    Dr. Shannon Bretz, Supervisor



    Alpha Breakdown for Grades 9, 10 and 11    
    A-BROM Matthew McMullen  2292 mmcmullen@lrhsd.org
    BROO-COSP Melanie Fourney  2215 mfourney@lrhsd.org
    COST-FEEN Andrw Montgomery   2213 amontgomery@lrghsd.org
    FELD-HANG Staycee Milligan  2210 smilligan@lrhsd.org
    HANN-KLARE John McMichael  2209 jmcmichael@lrhsd.org
    KLEIN-McAnd Suzanne Connolly 2356 sconnolly@lrhsd.org
    McAv-PAE Maura DiMedio 2314 mdimedio@lrhsd.org
    PAG- ROT Steve Orihel 2312 sorihel@lrhsd.org
    ROU-TALL Carmen Zekaria  2316 czekaria@lrhsd.org
    TAN-Z Alexis Mancinelli 2315 amancinelli@lrhsd.org
    Alpha Breakdown for Grade 12    
    A-Brad Matthew McMullen  2292 mmcmullen@lrhsd.org
    Brae-Co Melanie Fourney  2215 mfourney@lrhsd.org
    Cr - D Andrw Montgomery  2213 amontgomery@lrghsd.org
    E-Gio Staycee Milligan  2210 smilligan@lrhsd.org
    Gir-J John McMichael  2209 jmcmichael@lrhsd.org
    K-Mar Suzanne Connolly 2356 sconnolly@lrhsd.org
    Mas-Ni Maura DiMedio 2314 mdimedio@lrhsd.org
    No-Ror Steve Orihel 2312 sorihel@lrhsd.org
    Ros-Te Carmen Zekaria  2316 czekaria@lrhsd.org
    Th-Z Alexis Mancinelli 2315 amancinelli@lrhsd.org


    Karen Prickett




    Eileen Colangelo




    Rachael Horner




    Terri Skill

    Attendance Clerk








    Cherokee CEEB Code - 310761

    School counselors are certified, specially trained, caring people. They are available to work with students concerning academics, career plans, testing information, college selection, and personal issues.  Counselors also act as resource personnel for parents, students, teachers, the Child Study Team, Intervention & Referral Services, Pupil Assistance Committee and the Administration.  Parents who have a concern about their son or daughter should contact their child's individual counselor.

    Students can make appointments to see their counselor by stopping in at the Counseling Center before morning classes begin or between classes. Students will be issued a pass by one of the secretaries. Their teachers will also be made aware of their appointments.

    In addition to working individually with students, the Counseling Center facilitates a variety of support groups to assist students in dealing with issues relevant to their adolescent years. The department also sponsors a number of special events throughout the school year.