• Renaissance isn't a program. It's a process that encourages academic excellence, improvement, and citizenship.

    Renaissance schools often focus their program on four-target areas:

    * Increasing student attendance
    * Improving overall academic performance
    * Increasing graduation rates
    * Creating a positive, safe school environment

    The demands and desires of students of the new millennium are changing as the world changes around them. They are on a constant quest to discover uplifting experiences, belong to something greater, build strong and unique identities, and to find success. This is achieved by recognizing the efforts and achievements of teachers and students and rewarding their academic performance through incentives from the school and community. (information collected from several different Renaissance sources)
    ~ Cherokee Renaissance welcomes all students to become members ~
      If you would like to join Renaissance, contact one of the advisors for the Google Classroom code.
    All membership forms and updated club information will be in the Google Classroom
    Follow the directions on Google Classroom for receiving REMIND notices!
    2019-2020 Advisors
    Mrs. Bakanas - lbakanas@lrhsd.org
    Mrs. Binai - lbinai@lrhsd.org
    Mrs. Maugeri - smaugeri@lrhsd.org

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