Shawnee High School Mission Statement


    The mission of Shawnee High School, a leader in achievement, is to inspire studentsto become responsible citizens who excel in a diverse global environment by


    Creating unlimited and engaging educational experiences including emergent technology

    Maximizing performance for all students and staff

    Providing an environment that fosters pride in self, school, and community

    Incorporating and recognizing character and leadership development

    Promoting respect and understanding of diversity

      Partnering with staff, families and community in a secure, challenging, and energizing environment.


    We, Shawnee High School, believe:


    •       that all people have VALUE and should be treated with respect,

    •       that a nurturing, safe, and caring environment is vital to an individuals optimal   

           GROWTH and WELL-BEING,

    •       that motivation, strategies, and effort are essential components to MAXIMIZING


    •       that access to opportunities is essential for promoting PERSONAL GROWTH,

    •       that all people have a natural desire to LEARN,

    •       that DIVERSE experiences enrich lives,

    •       that prolonged CARE and PRESERVATION of the ENVIRONMENT is necessary

            for the well-being of current and future generations,

    •       that integrity, honesty and respect are vital to all HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS,

    •       that every person is RESPONSIBLE for his/her own ACTIONS,

    •       that appreciation of DIVERSITY enriches a community,

    •       that all people have inherent qualities that can be used to make POSITIVE

           CONTRIBUTIONS to society.