The mission of the Lenape Regional High School District, a leader in progressive education, is to develop physically and emotionally healthy students who excel in an ever-changing world, accomplished through:

    • Unlimited educational experiences
    • A curriculum which exceeds the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
    • Integration of technology
    • Expectations of higher achievement for all students and staff
    • Partnerships with families and community in a secure, challenging and energizing environment




    • WE BELIEVE that all people have values and should be treated with respect. 
    • WE BELIEVE that a nurturing, safe and caring environment is vital to an individual's optimal growth and well-being.
    • WE BELIEVE that motivation, strategies and effort are essential components to maximizing achievement.
    • WE BELIEVE that access to opportunities is essential for promoting personal growth.
    • WE BELIEVE that all people have a natural desire to learn.
    • WE BELIEVE that diverse experiences enrich lives.
    • WE BELIEVE that prolonged care and preservation of the environment is necessary for the well-being of current and future generations.
    • WE BELIEVE that integrity, honesty and respect are vital to all healthy relationships. 
    • WE BELIEVE that every person is responsible for their own actions.
    • WE BELIEVE that appreciation for diversity enriches a community.
    • WE BELIEVE that all people have inherent qualities that can be used to make positive contributions to society.