• The Lenape Regional High School District Art program, in alignment with the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Visual and Performing Arts, prepares students to create polished pieces of art and analyze works in various art media. Through completing our Art coursework, our students will be better able to


    1. Creatively and independently problem-solve using a variety of methods while incorporating influences from art history and modern culture.

    2. Complete and create a variety of tasks and works in a given time frame in order to prepare to work under a deadline.

    3. Understand and apply the elements and principles of art in a variety of ways to create unique and diverse works of art.

    4. Understand and interpret the effect society has on art and in return art on society.

    5. Understand, interpret, and apply skills and techniques across the spectrum of art in both two and three dimensional mediums.

    6. Analyze different areas of art history and apply the techniques, mediums, and ideals to present day.

    7. Transfer classroom learning to an array of tasks outside of the classroom, including the school and the surrounding community.

    8. Use online images and other resources in an appropriate and ethical manner.

    9. Develop an artistic ethic that includes self-motivation, self-reflection, and time-management as working skill-sets.

    10. Be able to act equally and equitably as critics and artists in order to create and critique in a cohesive working relationship.