•      Under Coach Canale's direction, the Shawnee High School FootballCheerleaders have become a well respected athletic and competitiveteam. During the past several years, Shawnee High School Cheerleadershave won multiple National Championships and were recently featured inAmerican Cheerleading Magazine and received the American CheerleadingMagazine Award for their excellence in sportsmanship, public relations,and support of fellow competitive teams.
        Coach Canale has not only dedicated much time and effort in thedevelopment of an athletic and competitive cheerleading program, buthas also encouraged the Shawnee Cheerleaders to become visible andactive in community and charitable events.  Each year, ShawneeCheerleaders participate as teen coaches in the MYAA CheerleadingProgram, the Annual Halloween Parade, and work with the Medford PoliceDepartment to decorate, gift wrap, and perform clean up duties at thePolice Station for Operation Santa.
Last Modified on August 29, 2012